Awesome Store!

“Oregon Euphorics is an awesome store. It is very clean, and the staff are always friendly. They have a great selection of products, but I still prefer to smoke flower…their flower selection is excellent –Dank Oregon

Highly Recommended

“Love this place. Great quality organic products and a very knowledgeable, friendly staff. Highly recommended.” – Chanchamayo

Favorite Stop

“Beautiful, cozy spot hidden on the west side of town. The staff is always friendly, polite, and quite knowledgeable. it’s my favorite stop in town.” – ashsmith0114

Love The Location

“Love the location and the atmosphere! Small space but it leaves you with a more personalized experience & interaction. Great selection of medical kombuchas & portable concentrate pens! Right across from Volcanic Theatre & Goodlife Brewery/Distillery. Live Music + Local Craft Spirits + Local Herb? YES PLEASE” – HerbalHannah

Great People

“Great people and great strains.” – tanjohn18


“Awesome place. Can get anything you need.” – Globsforthebhoys710

Would Recommend

“Very clean and professionally ran. Would recommend.” – ahogan1

Friendly and Knowledgeable

“Great place for a variety of different products. Friendly and knowledgeable staff.” – Crownchaser

Great Atmosphere

“Great atmosphere, friendly and informative staff, great quality flower.” – inspectahschec